SKVA International co ltd is looking for a dynamic Business Operation Executive.
The candidate should oversee SKVA International Co Ltd and his sister Freeport company SFI Transit global activities.

Main responsibilities:

  •  Oversee the Import-Export and logistic activities of the company.
  •  Manage trading and procurement service activities.
  •  Ensure compliance to legal regulations and company policies.
  •  Reporting to Manager.


  •  Holder of a BTS or Degree in International Trade, Supply chain, Logistics or any related field or   extensive experience in one of the above-mentioned field.
  •  Basic know how in shipping or international trade.
  •  Handling of dangerous cargo would be a definite plus.
  •  Knowledge in depot services or warehouse management will be greatly valued

Candidate profile:

  •  Decision-making, communication and leadership skills are essential.
  •  Solid knowledge of logistics procedures. Good computer skills.
  •  Good understanding of budgeting and reporting. Excellent organisational and analytical skills.
  •  Good negotiation and problem- solving skills.

Scope of Work for the post of Business Operations Executive

  •  Planning and follow-up of our imports.
  •  Processing Imports in our system.
  •  Processing of stock entry of Isotanks in our system.
  •  Process repairs and cleaning of Isotanks. Issue work order.
  •  Manage stock of isotanks worldwide and make them available when required.
  •  Ensure efficiency in the movement of isotanks.
  •  Follow-up of Isotanks validity.
  •  Planning and follow-up of our exports and cross trade.
  •  Processing Exports and cross trade in our system.
  •  Input of costing and close file in the system.
  •  Liaise with supplier and clients.
  •  Liaise with Freight Forwarding agent, Depot, Shipping Lines, Surveyor and tank operators among others.
  •  Ensures compliance to legal regulations and company policies.
  •  Seek quote from various stakeholders and monitor pricing.
  •  Be part in the upgrade of the company computer system.
  •  Be part in developing new trade lane.
  •  Be part of business development and new strategy of the company.
  •  Miscellaneous task

Salary: To be discussed

Contact Person:

  • Béatrice PAYET
  • Email:
  • Mob : (230) 5258-82-8