Scope of Work for the post of Business Operations Executive

– Planning and follow-up of our imports.
– Processing Imports in our system.
– Processing of stock entry of Isotanks in our system.
– Process repairs and cleaning of Isotanks. Issue work order.
– Manage stock of isotanks worldwide and make them available when
– Ensure efficiency in the movement of isotank.
– Follow-up of Isotank validity.
– Planning and follow-up of our exports and cross trade
– Processing Exports and cross trade in our system.
– Input of costing and close file in the system.
– Liaise with supplier and clients.
– Liaise with Freight Forwarding agent, Depot, Shipping Lines, Surveyor
and tank operators among others.
– Ensures compliance to legal regulations and company policies.
– Seek quote from various stakeholders and monitor pricing.
– Be part in the upgrade of the company computer system
– Be part of business development and new strategy of the company
– Miscellaneous tasks


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